Gemini 10

DescriptionGemini 10 (officially Gemini X) was a 1966 manned spaceflight in NASAs Gemini program. It was the 8th manned Gemini flight, the 16th manned American flight and the 24th spaceflight of all time (includes X-15 flights over 100 kilometres (62 mi)).
Year of flight1966
Mission Duration2 days 22 hours 46 minutes 39 seconds
Days of mission3
Launch Date18/07/1966
Landing Date21/07/1966
Launch site (Mapping)Cape Canaveral Airforce Station
Landing site (Mapping)26.7450, -71.950
Landing site26.7450, -71.950
Landing mass (kg)1930
Launch mass (kg)3762.6
Docked toGATV-5005
Days Docked1
Time docked1 day 14 hours 45 minutes
Docking date19/07/1966
Undocking date20/07/1966
Reference systemGeocentric
Perigee (km)159.90
Apogee (km)268.90
Orbital period (minutes)88.79
Orbits completed43
Inclination (degreees)28.87
Crew size2
MembersJohn W. Young Michael Collins
Spacecraft typeGemini SC10
Spacecraft ManucaturerMcDonnell
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