Gemini 7

DescriptionGemini 7 (officially Gemini VII) was a 1965 manned spaceflight in NASAs Gemini program. It was the fourth manned Gemini flight, the twelfth manned American flight and the twentieth manned spaceflight including Soviet flights and X-15 flights above the Kármán line. The crew of Frank F. Borman, II and James A. Lovell, Jr spent nearly 14 days in space, making a total of 206 orbits. Their spacecraft was the passive target for the first manned space rendezvous performed by the crew of Gemini 6A.
Year of flight1965
Distance travelled (km)9,030,000
Mission Duration13 days 18 hours 35 minutes 1 second
Days of mission14
Launch Date4/12/1965
Landing Date18/12/1965
Launch site (Mapping)Cape Canaveral Airforce Station
Landing site (Mapping)25.4183, -70.1117
Landing site25.4183, -70.1117
Launch mass (kg)3670
Reference systemGeocentric
Perigee (km)161.70
Apogee (km)217.10
Orbital period (minutes)89.39
Orbits completed206
Inclination (degreees)28.89
Crew size2
MembersFrank F. Borman II James A. Lovell Jr
Spacecraft typeGemini SC7
Spacecraft ManucaturerMcDonnell
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