Gemini 9A

DescriptionGemini 9A (officially Gemini IX-A) was a 1966 manned spaceflight in NASAs Gemini program. It was the 7th manned Gemini flight, the 13th manned American flight and the 23rd spaceflight of all time (includes X-15 flights over 100 kilometres (62 mi)).
Year of flight1966
Mission Duration3 days 20 minutes 50 seconds
Days of mission3
Launch Date3/06/1966
Landing Date6/06/1966
Launch site (Mapping)Cape Canaveral Airforce Station
Landing site (Mapping)27.867, -75.0067
Landing site27.867, -75.0067
Launch mass (kg)3800
Reference systemGeocentric
Perigee (km)158.70
Apogee (km)311.50
Orbital period (minutes)88.78
Orbits completed47
Inclination (degreees)28.91
Crew size2
MembersThomas P. Stafford Eugene A. Cernan
Spacecraft typeGemini SC9
Spacecraft ManucaturerMcDonnell
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