DescriptionSTS-103 was a Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission by Space ShuttleDiscovery. The mission launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on 19 December 1999 and returned on 27 December 1999.
Year of flight1999
Distance travelled (km)5,230,000
Mission Duration7 days 23 hours 11 minutes 34 seconds
Days of mission8
Launch Date20/12/1999
Landing Date28/12/1999
Launch site (Mapping)Kennedy Space Center
Landing site (Mapping)Kennedy Space Center
Landing siteKennedy SLF Runway 33
Landing mass (kg)95768
Launch mass (kg)112493
Mission typeHubble servicing
Reference systemGeocentric
Perigee (km)563.00
Apogee (km)609.00
Orbital period (minutes)96.40
Inclination (degreees)28.45
Crew size7
MembersCurtis L. Brown Jr. Scott J. Kelly Steven L. Smith Jean-François Clervoy John M. Grunsfeld C. Michael Foale Claude Nicollier
Spacecraft typeSpace Shuttle Discovery
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