DescriptionSTS-117 (ISS assembly flight 13A) was a Space Shuttle mission flown by Space Shuttle Atlantis, launched from pad 39A of the Kennedy Space Center on 8 June 2007. Atlantis lifted off from the launch pad at 19:38 EDT. Damage from a hail storm on 26 February 2007 had previously caused the launch to be postponed from an originally-planned launch date of 15 March 2007. The launch of STS-117 marked the 250th orbital human spaceflight.
Year of flight2007
Distance travelled (km)9,300,000
Mission Duration13 days 20 hours 12 minutes 44 seconds
Days of mission14
Launch Date8/06/2007
Landing Date22/06/2007
Launch site (Mapping)Kennedy Space Center
Landing site (Mapping)Edwards Airforce Base
Landing siteEdwards Runway 22
Landing mass (kg)90492
Launch mass (kg)2052719
Mission typeISS
Mission typeAssembly
Docked toISS
Days Docked9
Time docked8 days 19 hours 6 minutes
Docking date10/06/2007
Undocking date19/06/2007
Reference systemGeocentric
Perigee (km)334.00
Apogee (km)354.00
Orbital period (minutes)91.40
Orbits completed219
Inclination (degreees)51.60
Crew size7
MembersFrederick W. Sturckow Lee J. Archambault Patrick G. Forrester Steven R. Swanson John D. Olivas James F. Reilly
MembersLaunching: Clayton Anderson
MembersLanding: Sunita Williams
Spacecraft typeSpace Shuttle Atlantis
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