DescriptionSTS-35 was the tenth flight of Space ShuttleColumbia, the 38th shuttle flight, and a mission devoted to astronomical observations with ASTRO-1, a Spacelab observatory consisting of four telescopes. The mission launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on 2 December 1990.
Year of flight1990
Distance travelled (km)6,000,658
Days of mission9
Launch Date2/12/1990
Landing Date11/12/1990
Launch site (Mapping)Kennedy Space Center
Landing site (Mapping)Edwards Airforce Base
Landing siteEdwards Runway 22
Landing mass (kg)102462
Launch mass (kg)121344
Mission typeAstronomy
Reference systemGeocentric
Perigee (km)352.00
Apogee (km)362.00
Orbital period (minutes)91.70
Orbits completed144
Inclination (degreees)28.45
Crew size7
MembersVance D. Brand Guy S. Gardner Jeffrey A. Hoffman Mike Lounge Robert A. Parker Samuel T. Durrance Ronald A. Parise
Spacecraft typeSpace Shuttle Columbia
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