DescriptionSTS-75 was a United States Space Shuttle mission, the 19th mission of the Columbia orbiter.
Year of flight1996
Distance travelled (km)10,500,000
Days of mission16
Launch Date22/02/1996
Landing Date9/03/1996
Launch site (Mapping)Kennedy Space Center
Landing site (Mapping)Kennedy Space Center
Landing siteKennedy SLF Runway 33
Mission typeMicrogravity research
Mission typeTechnology
Reference systemGeocentric
Perigee (km)277.00
Apogee (km)320.00
Orbital period (minutes)90.50
Orbits completed252
Inclination (degreees)28.45
Crew size7
MembersAndrew M. Allen Scott J. Horowitz Jeffrey A. Hoffman Maurizio Cheli Claude Nicollier Franklin R. Chang-Diaz Umberto Guidoni
Spacecraft typeSpace Shuttle Columbia
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