Shenzhou 7

DescriptionShenzhou 7 (simplified Chinese: 神舟七号; traditional Chinese: 神舟七號; pinyin: Shénzhōu Qī Hào) was the third human spaceflight mission of the Chinese space program. The mission, which included the first Chinese extra-vehicular activity (EVA) carried out by crew members Zhai Zhigang and Liu Boming, marked the commencement of the second phase of the Chinese government's Project 921.
Year of flight2008
Mission Duration3 days
Days of mission3
Launch Date25/09/2008
Landing Date28/09/2008
Launch site (Mapping)40.9675, 100.278614
Landing site (Mapping)Siziwang Banner, Mongolia
Landing siteSiziwang Banner, Mongolia
Reference systemGeocentric
Crew size3
MembersZhai Zhigang Liu Boming Jing Haipeng
Spacecraft typeShenzhou
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