Soyuz 11

DescriptionSoyuz 11 (Russian: Союз 11, Union 11) was the only manned mission to board the world's first space station, Salyut 1 (Soyuz 10 had soft-docked but had not been able to enter due to latching issues). The mission arrived at the space station on 7 June 1971 and departed on 30 June. The mission ended in disaster when the crew capsule depressurised during preparations for reentry, killing the three-man crew. The Soyuz 11 crew members were Vladislav Volkov, Georgy Dobrovolsky, and Viktor Patsayev.
Year of flight1971
Mission Duration23 days 18 hours 21 minutes 43 seconds
Days of mission24
Launch Date6/06/1971
Landing Date30/06/1971
Launch site (Mapping)Baikonur Cosmodome
Landing site (Mapping)47.35663, 70.12142
Landing site47.35663, 70.12142
Launch mass (kg)6790
Docked toSalyut 1
Reference systemGeocentric
Perigee (km)163.00
Apogee (km)237.00
Orbital period (minutes)88.40
Orbits completed383
Inclination (degreees)51.50
Crew size3
MembersGeorgy Dobrovolsky Vladislav Volkov Viktor Patsayev Callsign Янтарь (Yantar – "Amber")
Spacecraft typeSoyuz 7K-OK
Spacecraft ManucaturerOKB-1
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