SpaceShipOne flight 15P

DescriptionFlight 15P of SpaceShipOne (X0) was the first privately funded human spaceflight. It took place on June 21, 2004. It was the fourth powered test flight of the Tier One program, the previous three test flights having reached much lower altitudes. The flight carried only its pilot, Mike Melvill, who thus became the first non-governmental astronaut.
Year of flight2004
Distance travelled (km)35
Mission Duration24 minutes
Days of mission0
Launch Date21/06/2004
Landing Date21/06/2004
Launch site (Mapping)Mojave Desert, California, United States
Landing site (Mapping)Mojave Desert, California, United States
Landing siteMojave
Launch mass (kg)3600
OperatorScaled Composites
Mission typeTest flight
Crew size1
MembersMike Melvill Callsign
Spacecraft typeSpaceShipOne
Spacecraft ManucaturerScaled Composites
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